Prosperity through excellence

Did you know that only 1% of Germans participate properly in stock market success?

Only around 10% of Germans own shares or equity funds. Even more dramatic: As the scientific journal “Economica” determined, around 90% of private investors do not make a significant profit or even lose money on the stock market.
One consequence of this is that Germany ranks last in Europe in terms of net wealth. The risk of old-age poverty is also growing steadily with a pension system that is no longer sustainable in view of demographic change.
Politicians are not helping to counteract this trend – quite the opposite: with one of the highest tax burdens in the world, they are putting a lot of obstacles in the way of wealth accumulation for Germans.
Such a wealth situation for one of the most innovative and industrious countries in the world is an indictment of poverty. 
We are convinced that if the population finally gains access to high-quality financial knowledge, the extent of our prosperity will shoot up to unprecedented and unimaginable heights. And that is exactly what we need if we are to achieve our mission: Financial freedom and prosperity for everyone. 

Uns so ist Market Spider entstanden. Wir sind ein vielfältiges Team aus verschiedenen Richtungen: Erfahrende Analysten, Volkswirte, Mathematiker. Uns eint das selbe Ziel: Das Wohlstandsversprechen von Ludwig Erhards in die Praxis umsetzen. Deshalb arbeiten bei uns auch nur die besten ihres Faches: ein klarer, kreativer Kopf mit gesundem Menschenverstand und Fachwissen sind die Grundvoraussetzungen, um Teil unseres Teams zu werden. Daher sind wir im Moment sehr stolz auf unser großartiges, hochmotiviertes Team, das jeden Tag an einer Mission arbeiten, die größer als unser Unternehmen ist. 

Our team works tirelessly on new ideas

In doing so, we differentiate ourselves from the competition as much as is humanly possible. If I were to subject Market Spider to a business analysis, I would say that it is a moat company. Why? First of all, no company offers as many services as we do: Stock analysis, commentary on current market trends and opportunities, personalized updates on companies, and idea sharing. There is no direct competitor for such a broad-based company. But even if we look at stock analysis, our competitive advantage could hardly be greater. There are hundreds of financial magazines that do all the same things: Mostly they react to events, sometimes they give far too many buy recommendations full of drive, and sometimes they enter into cooperations with companies and then recommend the stock for purchase as well. The former, of course, is not at all reprehensible. After all, there is a demand for wanting to know why share XY crashed by 5% today or why Apple is now splitting its shares. But this has just as little to do with asset accumulation and financial freedom for everyone as the other sections of a typical financial magazine. Namely, the many purchase recommendations are merely the result of the urge to employ staff and encourage customers to buy the magazine so as not to miss anything. The fact that almost every buy recommendation backfires, because they either recommended the wrong stock or the right stock at the wrong time, does not contribute to wealth creation – quite the opposite: it is a reason why most Germans lose money with stocks:

We, on the other hand, know that very very good buying opportunities that allow you to significantly outperform the market are a rarity. And it is precisely with this knowledge that we trade. Of course, we set out every day to look for good investment opportunities, but if none present themselves, there is nothing for us to recommend. We even go one step further: If we notice that a bad, overvalued stock is being bought like crazy by private investors, we warn you to avoid a loss of assets. For example, in the spring of 2020, we explicitly advised selling Wirecard shares. Although even we could not have imagined that the company would go insolvent, we did receive numerous letters thanking us for protecting their hard-earned money. One letter in particular stuck in our minds: a father who had invested his daughter’s child benefit in Wirecard shares to finance her education was able to withdraw his money from the sinking ship just in time, so that his daughter need not worry about her future. Otherwise, a tragedy would have occurred. These stories fill us with great pride and drive us to work even harder for you.

We firmly believe that you deserve to have greater assets, which will make your life easier: Whether you want to retire earlier, work less, or take more vacations, having a high net worth that works for you in the stock market is essential. That’s why we work every day to provide you with the best stock analysis and commentary available nationwide, so that what belongs together finally grows together: a hardworking, well-meaning population and a high level of financial freedom and prosperity.