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Customer reviews

Dr. Martin Buschmann

Mathematician, Munich



"Don't know of any other provider whose analysis is as in-depth as Market Spider's. Especially when combined with their customer service, their product is unbeatable."


"Was a bit skeptical at first. But what can I say? These 20€ were my best investment so far. Have already gotten it out many times over through the knowledge. Will keep the subscription going."

Timo Steltner

Engineer, Aachen


Vivien Wesnin

Student (Econ)



"I needed a stock analysis for a seminar at university. Finished in 5 days and got a 1.0 for it 🙂 Thanks a lot :-)"


Individual stock analysis


30% student discount

We offer a permanent discount of 30% for students. In this way, we want to make it possible for people who currently have a low income to still have access to first-class information. Those who start investing early today can especially enjoy the interest rate effect in the long run. By helping young people make better investment decisions, we are actively contributing to wealth creation and intergenerational justice.

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